Located below are the top five fanfictions that I found quite enjoyable to read. Beware, though, that some of these fanfictions will be rated X, R, or M meaning that there is mature content within them. Also, some of the fanfictions listed here will not be following the series exactly. Instead, these types of stories will be known as Alternate Universes. Some of the fanfictions might be long, some might be short. There will also be oneshots.

All stories are mainly hosted on

» Otherside of the Window by Ash Ai
   Summary:He left after the ending of Advent Children. He didn't run far, he stayed right beside her, though she didn't know. Rated: K.

» Tangle Thoughts by Mana Mihara
   Summary: Cloud and Tifa reflect on each other.Rated: M.

» If Only by zacksoldier1
   Summary: The author's version of how Advent Children should have ended. Rated: M.

» Regrets and Contentment byAsh Ai
   Summary: The blinded will see again, as those who have never loved will love for the first time. The musings of Cloud and Tifa after Advent children. Rated: T.

» One More Time byAsh Ai
   Summary: He's got one more chance to make things right between them. Just one chance, just one more time.. Rated: K+.