Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Being the first movie dedicated to game from the Final Fantasy series was a pretty much shock to me. I never knew what Final Fantasy VII was about. I never even played the game. However, upon watching just a little of the movie through a music video and seeing many sites dedicated to it, I decided to take my chance and rent it. I fell in love with the movie right away and bought the DVD. To this day, even with not much knowledge regarding to the game, I still love one pairing from that movie. To this day, I still like a certain character from the movie. To this day, I still care about Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart.

The movie begans with a clear sky. A lion-type creature is romaing across the lands with two more following. When it reaches a rocky landscape, it climbs to the top to roar across the lands, frighting some birds to the sky. The scenes change over to a cloudy sky where lightning and thunder is echoing across the sky with rain falling. Reno, a man with red hair, is flying the chopper. He hears a conversation happen over his headset before guns are fired and he is called to bring the chopper in. The scene ends with the chopper flying away.

Next, a story from a young girl explains about the Lifestream and how it was important to the world. She talks about how a Shinra tried using the Lifestream to make the life of living easier. However, problems came, causing the Lifestream to be taken away. That is when she talks about Jenova, SOILDERS, and Sephiroth. She explains how a big battle went with a group of people. In the end, someone close that she cared about was lost and return back to the Lifestream. Continuing on, she explains how the land grew tired and finally stopped the battle. She mentions that even with the battle over with, the planet still seems to be in far worse shape than before. The scene ends with switching to the young girl who was telling the story, Marlene. She is watching over a young boy, Denzel, who has become ill with the illness that is spreading across the planet to children. She is worried about losing him and prays that he will not die.

A phone rings and the next scene starts. A young woman, Tifa, is behind a bar cleaning some dishes. She glances up and back at the door before drying her hands off. She mumbles about someone not being here, a male. Stopping at the top of the stares, she turns to look at the bedroom the children are in before hearing the phone ring again. Walking over, she answers the phone while greeting the same way. As she is stopped, she asks who this is before smiling and glancing down at a photo. The children and her are in the photo along with a man. Her and the children look happy, but he doesn't as he stands a short distance away.

We move to a man sitting on a bike. He is on his phone listening to messages. The same girl, Tifa from the bar, comes across the phone explaining how Reno called and has a job for him, that he is suppose to go to Healin Lodge. She even asks how is doing while calling out his name: Cloud. After hearing that he has no more messages, Cloud puts his sunglasses arms, only to feel pain in his left arm. Gripping it, he tries the bare the pain before leaning on his bike and taking off. Three men are watching as he drives through a bare land. One asks if that is where Mother is located while another responds that Big Brother is down there. The third named Kadaj catches Cloud riding by before the same two asking questions ride down the side of the hill towards Cloud.

Cloud looks back to see the men coming with strange creatures. He avoids a gun that is being shot at him before letting his bike's side open. He pulles out a sword and uses it to block the bullets. The other man comes closer and tries hitting him with a fist-type machine. He keeps asking where Mother is. As the battle goes on, the one that was left behind talks on the phone regarding to something that is being lied about and how he wants to talk with the President.

Cloud takes a couple of turns, avoiding the creatures and the guns. One of the men gets close enough and aims the gun in his face. Luckily, his sunglasses spring the bullet away. Cloud becomes surrounded by the strange creatures before finally they disappear. He stops to look away and notices the same man that was on the phone. He smiles down at Cloud before driving off.

A few more messages that were on Cloud's phone including one from Tifa again is heard on his phone. He is driving towards Healin Lodge as this goes on. He parks, open the bike's side and takes out a sword before walking up a ram. The door is open and Reno comes charging at him. Cloud uses his sword to block it, allowing Reno to crash out the door against a railing. Reno tries to turn around and walk in, but Cloud closes the door on him. Another man, named Rude, comes forward and tries to fight Cloud. Cloud just places his sword at the man's throat before another male voice prevents the fight. Cloud is shocked to see who the guy is, Presiden Rufus Shinra. He tells Reno and his partner that he is sorry. A debate comes from both Rufus and Shinra before Cloud turns away and tries walking out. He stops and askes about Mother. Rufus explains about Kadaj and his gang. He even explains how children sometimes miss their mothers. Rufus tries to convince Cloud to join him again, but Reno makes a comment, preventing it altogether.The scene ends with Cloud walking out.

We next see a door being open and Tifa along with Marlene both walk inside. Marlene runs in happy while Tifa looks around. Marlene stops by the flowers to look at them while Tifa looks around. She lands near an area that has a few things. Marlene wonders if this was where Cloud lives. Tifa doesn't really know, but thinks that it is possible. She stops near a box to see a white bandage. Marlene walks over and lifts it up. She remarks about how Denzel has one similar and if Cloud was sick. Tifa is unsure on why Cloud would hide something such as that. Marlene calls out Tifa's name causing Tifa to pick the bandage up and walk away, saying that they will return home. Marlene prevents her saying that Cloud is not here. Tifa smiles and agrees to wait for cloud.

Rufus Shinra comes into the picture next. Both Reno and Rude are on the ground in pain as Kadaj walks up to the President saying that he lates liars. Rufus apologizes and admits that he was just trying to escape when they were first under attack. Kadaj doesn't believe him and makes him swear upon two cards that are thrown at Rufus. It is the two people who were under attack at the beginning of the movie. Rufus wonders what is going on and Kadaj explains about his reunion with Mother, how the children were blessed but the person of honor has gone missing. Rufus still is confused and Kadaj does a bit of joking when he bends down and shows his eyes, eyes similar to Sephiroth.

The scene quickly changes to Cloud where he is putting a sword back up after being kicked down. He starts to remember about his old friend Zack that was killed before he starts to feel pain in his arm and drops to the ground. The scene quickly ends there with Marlene humming and playing with the flowers. The door is open and she tries to run towards the person entering the building, but Tifa prevents her. The man, named Loz, comes walking foward and asks if Mother was here. Tifa responds that there is no one here and he responds back wondering if she would like to play. Marlene goes hide while Tifa pulls her gloves on. Loz mentions that this is going to be fun before Loz and Tifa start fighting. At first, it seems that Tifa is not doing so well, but that turns around when Tifa starts attacking back. Loz is knocked into benches as Tifa stands. Marlene comes running out to Tifa before a cellphone is heard ringing. Loz stands up and answers the phone, mentioning that Mother is not here and that is suppose to capture the girl. Tifa prepares for battle, but Loz gets there to her too quick, knocking her out and throwing her into the middle of the flowers. He comes to deliever a final blow, but Marlene throws a blue sphere of Materia at Loz. He looks at her and then starts to approach. Tifa rolls around before lifting her head, telling Marlene to run.

The scene jumps to Denzel who sits up. A young girl with a moogle doll comes up to him and notices that he is sick to. She starts pulling his arm down the alley to the street where some other kids are. She explains that they are going to help them. Smiling he runs over as Kadaj's other man walks away with a smile.

We seen another scene of someone walking in the building. It is Cloud. He stops at the flowers and notices that something has happen. He notices Tifa and runs over, pulling her into his arms. He calls out her name. She wakes for a second and he asks who did this. She responds that she doesn't know before sitting up quickly and yelling Marlene's name. She quickly passes out again and Cloud curses regarding to everything. It is there that his arm starts to hurt again, pulling him into the unconscience state. A drop of water goes by before the scene moves over the flowers, over Cloud, over Tifa, over both of them, and then leaves with a high view of Cloud, Tifa, and a wolf.

Next, we see Cloud's face as he wakes up. He rolls off the bed and glances down at Tifa who is still unconscience. Reno and Rude disturb the silence as they ask if there was any kids with them. Cloud doesn't respond and Reno's partner takes it as if Cloud doesn't care. Both turn away and walk out the room.

Kadaj is now standing near the container near Materia. He is talking about how Big Brother kept something from them. Marlene is standing near Loz scared. We then switch to the nightfall above the bar. Cloud is standing near the window as Tifa wakes. She sees him standing there before he walks over and takes a seat. She mentions that he is sick. He responds that there is no cure. She fights back saying that Denzel is not stopping. The scene between Tifa and Cloud goes on while Cloud is racing through a forest of white. Tifa argues with Cloud seeing that he wants to give up. It is then that Reno and Rude return mentioning that Kadaj has the kids in the Forbidden City before scene ends.

We then move to where Kadaj is talking to the kids. Marlene notices Denzel and tries calling out his name. Kadaj keeps talking about Mother and how she gave everyone a gift. He then steps into the water to help the children. He tells them to follow exactly what he does and takes a sip of the black water that is flowing around him. The kids follow and soon their eyes turned to look like his, belonging to Sephiroth.

We move to where Cloud is driving through the forest before a bright light shrouds him. He is in a flower garden and someone is standing against him. It is Aerith. She is thanfkul that he came and wonder what is bothering him. He mentions that he failed her and said that he wants to be forgiven. He tries to look behind himself, but finds he is back on his bike. Kadaj then shows up with the kids surrounding Cloud. He jumps off his bike while his bike goes sliding by. Kadaj tells the kids that this is Big Brother and that he is traiter. Cloud just mentions that he wants the children back. A battle between Loz and the other man happen as Kadaj steps back. Before long, Kadaj enters the battle causing Cloud to fall to the ground. A red cape comes swooping in and covers Cloud before disappearing.

Cloud is now sitting by the edge of a stream. Vincent is standing a short distance away. Cloud askes him what is going on. He explains how the sickness, about Kadaj and how he is related to Sephiroth. Noises are finally heard as Cloud stands up and reaches for his sword. Marlene comes running out towards Cloud and asks about Tifa. He responds about Tifa being safe and she asks for a way to speak with her. Noticing that Cloud has lost his cellphone and Vincent doesn't have one, the conversation about Tifa ends. More goes on about what is going and if Cloud is going to save the children. A quick flashback takes you back to where Cloud is talking with Tifa. Again, they argue about what is going to happen before Tifa asks what is more important: a memory or them? Reno then tells Cloud to do it himself and he finally makes his decission and calls Marlene asking her to follow. Both walk off together. The scene shows Cloud phone falling down through the water. The same messages go through before finally Aerith message goes through and the phone finally dies.

Back in the city, the children are standing around some type of statue. Loz and his partner are standing near a chain. After parents trying taking the parents back, monsters are soon chasing them and Tifa comes running in. She notices Denzel and runs towards him. He is in some type of transe. Next we see Loz and his partner again before Reno and Rude come forward. They all talk about Mother and how some of it was kept a secret.

The scene moves up to President Rufus Shinra and Kadaj. Both are talking again, regarding to Jenova, Mother, and Sephiroth. Kadaj finally releases a power into the sky. People watch as a monster forms and starts flying towards the center where the children are located. We then see Tifa turn around, preparing to fight a creature away when the big monster drops down and releases a large roar. Reno and Rude are about to attack when they notice the creature. The creature takes flight causing Reno and Rude to pick up some of the kids and start running. A blue fireball comes crashing against the statue, causing Reno and Rude to go flying. When both awake, Loz and his partner are standing behind them. A fight breaks out regarding to Mother once more.

The fight goes for a while before breaking back to Tifa who is on the ground, covering Denzel. The creature is above howling as it tries to dig through the planet. Denzel wakes up and sees Tifa unconscience. He curses and starts racing after the creature. It is there that Barret, the adoptive father to Marlene and also a man with a machine hand, starts fighting the creature. Tifa wakes up and starts talking and watches as Red XIII, a tiger-type animal, starts racing with Caith Sith, upon his back. Another girl, named Yuffie, drops down from the sky and asks who has been messing with the equipment and Tifa responds the bad guys as usual. Denzel watches as everyone walks by surprised. Vincent shows up next asking where to buy a phone. Denzel is shocked and asks Tifa who these people are. Tifa just smiles that these are her friends when a motorcylce is soon heard in the distance. Both Denzel and Tifa turn and watch as Cloud pulls up. He remarks that he place Marlene back at home and that he seems a lot lighter as he gathers his swords. Denzel speaks that he is going to wait back at home, waiting for Cloud. Cloud nods before turning back towards the scene where the creature is flying. Tifa jumps on the bike behind him and both ride off towards the others.

Everyone is seen fighting. From Cid to Vincent to Yuffie and then finally Barret. He gets himself into a bit of trouble, but Cloud comes around and saves him. Barret argues where Cloud has been while Tifa joins the rest. Cloud starts fighting the creature before the creature starts flying off into the sky. We then see how see Rufus Shrina step out of his wheelchair and take of the coat that was covering him. Kadaj turns towards him and sees that he is holding Mother. The scene moves back to Cloud as he is getting help from everyone to reach higher into the sky towards the creature that is creating a huge blue fireball. Tifa tells Cloud not to give up just as the fireball is released. He goes straight through it before being shrouded in blue then white. A hand reaches out and Cloud reaches for it. He makes it through the fireball and drags his sword down the back of the creature causing it to fall to the ground. Tifa watches as it crashes before glancing up and watching Cloud land a short distance away.

Back with the President, Kadaj is shocked. Rufus doesn't do anything, but toss the box over the edge. Kadaj goes crazy and fires something at Rufus causing Kadaj to jump after the box and Rufus to follow. Rufus pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Kadaj. It misses and hits the edge of the box. As Kadaj grabs the box, Cloud is soon on his away racing towards Kadaj and Rufus. The people who were thought to be dead save the President just as Kadaj lands on the ground. He hears Clound coming and jumps on his bike, racing out of the city. Cloud takes chase.

Loz and his partner try to stop Cloud and a battle starts to take place. Cloud starts to come closer to Kadaj, but is prevented when he is forced to jump onto a different part of the highway. Here, Loz, his partner, and Cloud enter a tunnel. Another battle takes place, but Cloud is able to destroy Loz's bike and his weapon while at the same time destroying Loz's partner's gun. He exits, passing Reno and Rude as the place a bomb to stop Loz and his partner.

Cloud takes chase again after Kadaj. Both go sliding down a hill before Cloud comes to a stop and Kadaj keeps going. There, Cloud removes the sleeve covering the arm infested with the illness. He then turns and starts after Kadaj who has enter the Church of Aerith. A dramatic scream comes from Kadaj as he looks at the box containing Mother. He then hears a noise outside the door and it happens to be Cloud. He tries stopping Cloud, but Cloud arrives inside. After Cloud is knocked off his bike, it seems that the end has come. Cloud stants there holding his arm before water starts gushing up covering the whole area. Kadaj tries fighting it before riding off while Cloud feels the water against his arm and notices that the illness is gone. He hears Aerith's voice and starts to chase again.

At the edge of Midgar, Kadaj is standing a bit higher when Cloud comes to a stop. He pulls out his weapons and listens to Kadaj as he speaks about his reunion. No sence comes from it all and Kadaj tries firing again at Cloud. Cloud flips up towards Kadaj and both start fighting. After a while, Tifa and the rest come in on Cid's flying machine. Yuffie tries to send help towards Cloud, but Vincent prevents it, saying that it is Cloud's battle. After the decussion of Kadaj being linked towards Sephiroth in some type of larva, the group files off and a smirk is seen on Cloud's face.

The battle continues before Cloud finally pulls an attack that causes Kadaj to lose his blade and hang from the edge of a cliff. Kadaj looks up at Cloud and then at the blade. There, he throws the box at the blade causing Cloud to react and cut the box. Kadaj pushes off from the edge, holding something in his hand. After mentioning that his renunion will happen, he shoves the thing into him. Cloud reacts and tries to jump at him, but when Kadaj lands upon the ground, Cloud is held back by the Masamune. Sephiroth is now standing below and Cloud is shocked to see him. A conversation happens on why Sephiroth is doing everything. He mentions that he wants to travel the glaxey just as Mother did using the planet. Cloud asks what will happen to this planet afterwards and Sephiroth replies that it depends on him. A battle starts after dark grey clouds form over everything. Marlene and Denzel watch, hoping for Cloud's return.

The battle goes crazy with rocks crashing into other rocks. With Cloud and Sephiroth flying towards each other and being knocked away. Finally, both land on a flat part and battle. Cloud is weaken though and Sephiroth sends him flying against a wall. There he runs his Masamune into Cloud's shoulder. Sephiroth asks what Cloud cherish most so that he can slowly destroy it. Pictures of everyone he cares about flashes through Cloud's mind giving him the strength the pull the Masamune out of his shoulder and stand. He explains that there is not a thing he doesn't care about before finally doing his ultimate Limit attack. Sephiroth is surrounded by all the blades of Cloud's sword. Cloud uses each one before delivering the final blow. He lands on the ground, holding his final blade and watches as Sephiroth disappears by being wrapped by the one wing. Kadaj reappears and drops to the ground. Kadaj tries to battle Cloud by running towards him, but Kadaj is weaken and collapses in Cloud's arm. Kadaj then smiles about Mother and finally goes with Mother as the rain pours down.

Everyone rejoices on the plane. Tifa smiles out towards Cloud before noticing a water droplet. She realizes that Aerith was never gone, but always with them. She tells thank you before returning to look out the window towards Cloud. Cloud just stands enjoying the water before he is shot in the back. He lands hard on his knees before hearing Loz and his partner from behind, that all three will go together. Fill with anger, Cloud picks up his sword and turns to race towards them for one final battle. Loz and his patner fire as Cloud jumps. The area soon explodes causing Tifa to scream and everyone to panic.

Denzel is holding Marlene's hand and he keeps mentioning that Cloud will return. White light is seen surrounding Cloud as he drifts. A hand is soon on his head. He says the word Mother and Aerith's voice is heard along with Zack. Since, he was too big to be adopted, he is sent right back. The wolf appears next to him as hands appear around him. He opens his eyes to see the children. One mentions that to wait here and Cloud will return. Cloud looks around and see everyone including Denzel and Marlene. Red XII mentions that there is still some children with the illness. Cloud nods and approaches Denzel. Tifa assures him that it will be okay and Cloud lifts him into the water. After scooping some water into his hands, he drops it over Denzel's head. After a few seconds, the illness on Denzel's head disappears. The rest of the kids soon join in causing Cloud to look around. He looks towards his group and everyone nods, including Tifa who smiles. After a few seconds, though, he notices someone towards the back near some of the children. She stands up and starts to walk back before stopping at a white light. Turning towards the side, Cloud notices Aerith. She tells him that everything went okay before walking away with Zack following.

The movie ends with Cloud smiling and mentioning that he back and that he is not alone. Another photo is also seen next to the old one. This one includes everyone and Cloud is now standing near his family.