To learn what there is to be learn. This section will contain plenty of information dedicated to the couple. Also, within this section, there will be short essays written about the game and movie that the couple both star in. Keep checking back for more information is always added and always edited.

» Final Fantasy VII
   The little bit of information I know about the game. Here will be listed the characters and some reasons regarding to what the game is actually about.

» Advent Children
   A small section regarding to the only movie made based on a Final Fantasy series. This will cover the whole movie, so be warn when entering.

» Cloud Strife
   The main male character of the movie. He is stubborn, arrogent, and believes that he should always be alone. Learn who this man is and why he is who he is.

» Tifa Lockhart
   The main female of the movie. A close childhood friend or possibly more? She carries the burdon on trying to keep a family together. Here, you will find everything related, even her story regarding to whom she is.

» Cloud & Tifa
   Is it destiny? Is it just a coincidence? Here is my opinion. Here is my reason on why I decide they are a great couple. One of the reasons: A family.